The knowledge of the technicians
and professional equipment of Faktoria 3D allow to create 3D model, project validation,
implementation of corrections and printing of the model.

We can also offer
mechanical postprocessing of a finished printout.

  • 3D design
    – creating CAD models based on
    the submitted technical documentation

  • Broadly defined
    3D printing services
    in FDM technology

  • Creating functional prototypes
    and machine parts

  • Printout mechanical
    machining services
    (gluing, mudding, grinding, painting)

  • Analysis, repair
    and editing of STL models

  • Consultancy in the field
    of 3D modelling
    model execution on 3D printer 

  • Consultancy in the field of selection
    of optimal material, process parameters
    and 3D printing process
  • Creating single prototypes
    as well as batch production